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GhostParanormalSociety (G.P.S) is a real Paranormal team. We have (5) investigators and the equipment to back any and all investigations. We bring Real never fake(Raw) footage to all Members and Followers. Email us with your Story's and Paranormal Event'


I would like to ask anyone that has the meens to Donate. We offer are service free of charge . But we are like many a little Donation will go a long way in the long run. Thank's from all from. GPS

G.P.S Needs your Help!!!
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Goal: $500.00 | Raised: $12.00 Started: March 10, 2011
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GhostParanormalSociety take pride in doing what we do for free. But we are not afraid of asking for a little help.We need new equipment and to eat. If you have it and would like to sponsor us please fill free a 25 cent Donation makes us happy. we are trying to bring you the best quality we can.But it comes at a price. So think about and Maybe and if you cant it;s OK.Thank;s anyways....GPS

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  1. G.P.S Needs your Help!!!

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